Hey there! 
i'm Kamohelo Morema,
Junior Lara Croft of art in the making!

Junior Lara Croft?

that’s right, because I love to discover art and if you share the same love then this is just the place for you!

however, before I try to sell you on this blog, how about some background?

three years ago I took an art course that completely revolutionized the way that I saw art, specifically the way I saw African art. For the longest time, all I knew about art were its great international utilizers such as your Picasso or Van Gogh. I never realized the world of art just existing in my local backyard that went beyond rock art or African sculptures.

Often history marginalizes the African society that it is easy for one to forget the potential that lies in the country and the art in Africa can be more telling of African history than history itself. in addition, the stories that African artists tell through their art offers an authentic African perspective to current social issues i such a way that they can spark important conversations among a group of like-minded people. in summary, this is a home for African art, to understand African art and appreciate it from the African gaze instead of the western.
I am not a skilled art critic, but I know enough to offer an honest perspective, and you may offer me your own so that together learn.

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