Discover Artists: Interview with Nombulelo Msindwana

Nombulelo Zinnia Msindwana, also known by her instagram account @Nzuridraws, is a talented Benoni-based up and coming artist whose hope is to break through the male-dominated art industry and inspire other aspiring artists to pursue their dreams.

“I want people to do what they want and still understand that they can make it,”

WORDS BY: Nombulelo Zinnia Msindwana

Msindwana’s Journey into art

Msindwana, who took art in high school, laughingly describes herself as the worst student.
“I was lazy,” she explains. The curriculum focused on realism and generally more traditional art forms that Msindwana admits she could never do.
After high school, however, the journey from a short-lived English Literature student at the University of South Africa (UNISA) to a short-lived apprenticeship at a tattoo parlour led Msindwana to finally pursue Art full-time.

Defining @Nzuridraws’ art

the 20-year-old, who has been a full-time artist for just a few months now, claims ink as her preferred medium and describes the style that she employs as being abstract.

“I mostly draw bodies and faces because I want people to feel like they can connect to it,”

Msindwana also jokingly states that other than the fact that she cannot draw animals or trees, she chooses to portray the human body because of how expressive it is. The various poses that she places these human figures in are meant to relate the humanness of the artwork to viewers.

Msindwana describes the colour in the background of her artworks as a reflection of her thoughts

“I always make the faces black and white because that’s just how we see each other as people and since I feel that every thought needs an outlet, the faces are almost like a mask while the colour in the background becomes the important part of the artwork as it shows how you never know what’s going on in someone’s mind.”

Msindwana’s message to the world.

Throughout most of her works, Msindwana prefers to depict various female body types in her art as a way to give women the confidence to own their nudity and to not feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

“I want women to feel like they are art. That is why I don’t draw specific body types. I try to show that nudity doesn’t mean something to be shamed by. “

In addition, Msindwana notices that a majority of the art industry consists of men, a fact that she is determined to change.

“I want to create a path for people, especially women.”

With girls tagging her name to their art posts, it seems Msindwana is doing just that.

Art influences

artists such as Bryant Giles and reliance on her spiritual belief help Msindwana not only prepare for her artworks but influence her subject matter and allow her to push herself to be a better artist.

“I want people to do what they want and still understand that they can make it,” says Msindwana when thinking about the mass consumerism and self-doubt that people let feed into their creativity. However, Msindwana’s creativity has yet to be tamed and she excitedly talks about already having prepared for an art exhibition taking place in October.

“The Art is Spiritual exhibition features musicians and poets, and shows how art provides enlightenment and alignment.”

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