Discover Art Exhibits: have your cake and eat it too at the Koedoeberg Tea Garden

The Koedoeberg Tea Garden launched a mixed-media exhibition entitled ‘subject of change’ at the onsite Tina Skukan Gallery, which featured numerous South African artists.

The exhibition took place on a Sunday on the 17th of August, although the artworks had been kept up on display for two weeks before then.

According to a promotion released by Tina Skukan Gallery and Tea Garden, the theme of the exhibition confronts the idea of how people are constantly changing and attendees could gain more understanding from the theme through noting the new influences and creative techniques used throughout the artists’ respective artworks.

Tina Skukan Gallery

The gallery itself consists of various small rooms that connect through archways which create an effortless flow as guests move from one room to the other.

“its easier for me to follow the pattern of the theme because the arrangement is almost orderly and makes it easy to move around the space.” says attendee Maria Davis, when describing the gallery space.

The works on display are indeed lined up in such a way that, although not connected by artist, give off a sense of cohesion between them.

The venue itself, although small when compared to other art galleries, according to self-proclaimed art fanatic and fellow attendee, Thokozile Sibande, is fitting as the closeness of the artworks and the quaint spacing make for a very intimate and enlightening experience when viewing.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with cake?

Not only does the Koedoeberg Tea Garden have an art gallery, but it also features a cafe where visitors can have a sit-down and order sweet treats and beverages while taking in the view.

“The birds’ chirping, the peace, and the stunning garden make me feel like a Disney character. The best part, I can take my cupcakes along with me if I want to take a walk around to view more art,” commented Melissa Mnyakeni, a companion to the writer.

The garden not only provides art indoors but has sculptures scattered around the area to come across while touring the grounds.

In fact, there is so much art in the Koedoeberg garden that you can even view it in the restroom!

Upcoming exhibitions

following close behind the ‘subject of change’ exhibit comes artist Salomi Prinsloo’s mixed-media exhibition entitled Visible and Invisible Connections starting Sunday the 22nd of September so book your seat now!

All in all, with a cake in hand and staring at aesthetically arranged sculptures in the middle of a colourful garden, the Tina Skukan Gallery and Tea Garden offer a very compelling reason to skip Sunday service.

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